Friday, May 25, 2007

It's so good to be reconnected!

View from the Van Buren/State el stop
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For about a week I was without internet and I almost went crazy...I'm so glad to have it now and wireless to boot! I haven't gotten much crafting done. I attempted to start the Print O' the Wave stole...about 10 times. And on the 11th time I got through one repeat, put in a lifeline and promptly screwed it up only to get the lifeline tangled in with everything else. So that's on a backburner. Then I started a little cardi by Debbie Bliss but it's nothing but garter stitch on 203 stitches for almost 11 inches. I'll spare you the boring pic of my progress but here is the pic from the Rialto booklet I am working from. Who knows if this will ever get done cause I'm only about a quarter of the way through the sea of garter goodness. Hopefully, today our stuff will get delivered and I can find another project to start work on, or maybe even finish something that's been languishing on the needles...hey, finishing something, what a concept!!
Since I don't have any crafting to show you, above is a pic from the el near where our temp housing was. (Van Buren/State St stop )