Friday, April 13, 2007

My Kind of Town, Chicago is.....

Mostly everyone knows this, but we are headed back to Chi-town at the end of the month. The boy accepted a job out there...I am very excited and very sad all at the same time. In the (almost)3 years that I have lived out here, I’ve met some really wonderful people…especially the folks at the SnB group. New York is an awesome city, but it can definitely be a grind. My relationship with the city can truly be described as a love/hate relationship, but no matter how crappy I felt when I walked into the Point on Tuesday nights, I always left feeling recharged and ready to face any bullshit that the city could (and would) throw my way. I have to wrap this up now cause I’m sitting here crying at my work desk, but I just want everyone to know that I will REALLY miss you, I was blessed to have met you and that you’re all welcome to stay with me if you find yourself in Chicago...and I hope we do keep in touch. Enough mushy stuff, I’ll leave you with these:

More Flower Petal Bibs! These are the last of the lot. Again I used Rowan Handknit Cotton, except the yellow i-cord is LB cottonease.

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