Thursday, February 22, 2007


I've been tagged...
So here are some weird things about me you might not know...

1) Mouth noises annoy me to the nth degree. Chewing with mouths open, gum cracking, sloppy kissing....can't stand it. It's akin to dragging fingernails across a chalkboard. I got off a train once to flee the noise of a couple very noisily making out cause apparently they couldn't wait until they got home. I decided that they were both cheating on their mates and could only make out on train rides since they couldn't go back to each other's apts. (If you see me on the train by myself, I will always have my I pod on...always.)

2) I need to listen to the soundtrack of R.E.N.T. at least once a day to function....over the mooooooon!

3) I substitute Wolfen or Wolf wherever possible into songs when I sing to myself. Wolf don't need no education...was going thru my head this morning...Hey! Teacher! Leave those Wolves alone!

4) I can't touch shrimp or the like with the legs on. And it's not that I won't do it, I can't physically bring myself to do it. I can eat them, boy can I eat them, but someone has to peel them for me. Christian chased me thru the parking lot of a Joe's Crab Shack with a crawfish that he had hidden in his pocket one time. I seriously ran for my life.

5) I'm really obsessive about buying makeup. I love Sephora! But if you know me, think hard...have you actually ever seen me wear makeup? Probably not.

6) I wipe Wolfen's paws everytime we come in from a walk. Wouldn't you want the scuzz of NYC cleaned off your feet too? (maybe that's not weird, does anyone else do this?)

Hey, Don't judge me! List your own weirdness instead.