Monday, February 19, 2007

Pampas Circumstance

Rowan Pampas-Issue 40
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I think it's really funny that I own just about every Rowan pattern available (well, not every, but a lot!) but this is my first full sweater by one of their designers. It's the Pampas pattern from book 40. It's a very quick knit, again, I finished the knitting quite some time ago but the putting together part takes me a minute. I went to M&J for plain dum dum buttons cause I crocheted button covers. The first buttons I looked at just to figure out what size would work were $7 each. I asked the guy for something cheesy cause they were gonna get covered anyway and I didn't want to spend $21 on buttons that no one was gonna see...that's about the price for any button of that size, was what he told me. F-that! What is with the customer service in this city?...that's really an issue with me! So I had to find $3 buttons on my own when he easily could have at the very least pointed me in the right direction.

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