Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Doctor Bag
Originally uploaded by skillj.

I finally finished this bag! The pattern is in Knit2Together and of course I substituted yarn and used Knitpicks Wool of the Andes Bulky in taupe. The button and handles I got at....MJ Trimmings, but you knew that already, right? The fabric I've had for a long time. I orignially planned to use it for pillows but the fabric was really too slippery and I stashed it until now. There is a saga behind this bag. It only took a couple days to do the actual knitting, but the finishing....that took about 2 weeks. I cut out the lining and I felt all clever cause I decided to put a pocket in it. I went to pin it in the bag and it was too small! I then cut it completely down the middle and inserted a panel to make it fit. Of course, after I finished sewing in one side of the added panel, I saw that the raw edge of the seam was on the WRONG side! Rrriiiiiipppp! But even before the lining fiasco, I went to go and get the wooden dowels that help to keep the bag's shape along the top. People sold dowels, but they were all 36 in. long. I needed them to be 12 in. I asked the guy at Home Depot if it would be possible to get the rod cut into 12 in. pieces. It's possible, but we don't do it, was his answer. I bet I could get it done at the 24 hr Home Depot on North Ave in Chicago...I thought about calling for delivery. Instead, I journeyed to a mom and pop hardware shop. Same answer again, we don't cut them here. WTF??!! So I went ahead and bought a little handsaw so that I could cut the friggin thing myself...I mean, come on! But then it was time for the fun part...heading to MJ. Bev accompanied me and if you ask her, she'll tell you that this is not the original button purchased...I lost it! It's rolling around in my apartment somewhere. I gave up looking, went back to MJ, found another button and picked up different handles while I was there, why the heck not? Oh and I almost forgot about the teeny buttons I was gonna use as embellishment somewhere on the front near the lower right corner, yeah, those went missing too. I'll be checking Wolfen's humors, if you will, to see if I can close the case of the missing notions. But hey, at least I like the finished project.