Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's Like Christmas, A Month Early!

I've gotten sooo many goodies in the mail over the past week. My International Scarf Exchange pal sent a beautiful scarf made of baby alpaca. It's really cushy soft. And she sent a ton of other treats too.

I joined another swap at Swap-bot, of course, and received this great yarn in earthy colors and other great treats.

These books arrived yesterday...

As did this huge Knitpicks order.

I said I wasn't going to make any gifts this season, but I'll make a couple. The line-up goes from left to right: A sweater for my nephew in Crayon, armwarmers in Elegance, the Pampered Pooch sweater (from Heather's book)in Salishan, the doctor bag in Knit2Tog in WOTA Bulky, Toasty Toasties (also from Heather's book) in Decadence, a hat and neckwarmer combo in Decadence and legwarmersin Wakashan....mind you, that 3 of the 8 things are for myself :)

The weekend can't get here soon enough!!!