Wednesday, July 05, 2006

How Was Your Fourth?

My office was closed from Friday afternoon until this (Wednesday) morning. I was really excited to have a mini-vaca where I would get soooo much work done, you know, crafting work. Well, let’s see, I did a little sewing on the Cabo halter and I finished the back of the Buttercup shrug and started a front.

This little piece of front was a lot of work. You can’t tell from the pic but there are lots of picots involved…but my picots look like mini bobbles and I hate the way it looks. I just decided that I’m gonna rip it out, leave out the picot bobbles and put a seed stitch border on it instead. I think I’ll be much happier with the end result and it should go much faster without all that cast on, cast off business. So, to sum it up, I didn’t get as much work done as I had hoped. I was very busy, mind you, but busy doing what I can’t tell you, I have nothing to show for it.

Edit: The color of the yarn isn't that vibrant. It's softer but still very colorful.