Sunday, April 23, 2006

What Happens in Ancram, Stays in Ancram!

That was the motto of Easter weekend. Well, nothing scandalous actually happened, I just get a kick out of saying that. A bunch of us went up to Jill R's country home to hang out, relax, unwind and of course...knit! (I even finished that damned baby sweater...yes I said damned!) We had a great time. We watched movies, ate home cooked meals and took walks to the river. I think everyone in the group should chip in money to buy a house in the country and then schedule who gets to go up which weekend with at least one weekend a quarter set aside for the SnB gals.

We acutally put our sticks down to enjoy the scenery.

Getting baptized in the waters of Lake Minnetonka...please tell me you've seen Purple Rain...

Nature walk