Saturday, April 01, 2006

Stash Flashin

Underbed stash

In the corner stash 1

In the corner stash 2

In the corner stash 3

Stash purchased recently while I should have been serving jury duty...they excused us Friday at 12:30 so I hopped over to Seaport Yarn since I was downtown and all

Handbag kit I got during the Suss sale for $5

And there are orders from Knitpicks and Webs en route as I type this!

So new projects added to the list (that already has about 30 on it!) are the Yarnover Steek Vest, the Ballet Tee, the Ibiza Stripe Shirt, all from Melanie Fallick and the Rowan Butterfly. Hmmmm, I need to grow more arms & hands.