Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Keep A List Too!

Jess talks about she's a list maker. So am I. Here is the remainder of my spring/summer knitting list:

Blue Sky Hoodie
Blue Sky Pleated skirt
Cosmic Pluto Cavern Cardi
Debbie Bliss Argyll tank top
Crochet Dude Spring Drew-string purse
Glampyre Minisweater
Happy Hooker Corset belt
Happy Hooker Fat bottom bag (2 more)
Happy Hooker Go For Baroque
Happy Hooker Knot Ugly Shrug
Happy Hooker Sweet Pea shawl
Interweave Garter Baby Kimono
Interweave Mandarin Blouse
Interweave Picot Cami
Interweave Trellis scarf
Knit & Tonic Something Red
Knit & Tonic Somewhat Cowl
Knitscene Fair Isle vest
Knitty Lacey shrug
Knitty Clapotis
Knitty Starsky
Loop D Loop Ibiza Stripe shirt (longer version)
Mag Knits Jaywalker socks
Mag Knits Picovoli
Misc Fish Blanket
Misc Garter Baby Booties
Misc Garter Baby Hat
Misc Pinwheel Baby blanket
Rowan Artisan cuff (2 more)
Rowan Butterfly
Rowan Carla
Rowan Jenny
Rowan Kitty
Rowan Sheena
Scarfstyle Ene shawl
Suss Wrap cardi
Zephyr Green Gable top

This should keep me busy.