Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Craftiness ensues...

I've found my crafty mojo! I started Coachella for me and a leaf tie cardi from Fitted Knits as a belated bday present for a friend. And I've gotten some sewing done. I have a dress all cut out but I'm hesitant to begin sewing because I never really know what size to cut. The measurements on the pattern don't really help me much, they actually kind of confuse me more. But while I get the nerve up to sew the dress, I worked on other projects.
Here is an Amy Butler Frenchy handbag. I used Denise Schmidt "Katie Jump Rope" fabrics. I love that entire collection.

And, a Built by Wendy top for your viewing pleasure:

I love this fabric too! I found it at Hancock's and they had only a little left, just enough for this top. It's by a Japanese designer...can't remember the name and the name was written in Japanese characters on the fabric.

I might make another top soon, but wish me luck on tackling the dress!

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