Monday, May 01, 2006

The Weekend

I didn't get too much done over the weekend. Kenyatta came in for a quick visit and to go to our friend's baby shower.

This is me and Jen at the Harlem Tea Room. You guessed it, she's the preggers one, with only 7 more weeks to go.
It was my first time going to tea and I want to do it every chance I get now...African Outback is my new favorite flavor. Over the course of the afternoon, it was cool to see the mix of people that came through. There were young couples, groups of older women (wearing their fabulous hats, of course) and another shower there as well. Check it out, if you get the chance.

In yarn related news, here's what showed up on my doorstep on Friday...

2 kits from Kim Hargreaves, yup, from across the pond. I wish she still designed for Rowan. She's one of my favorites and it's pretty expensive ordering her kits from her website. But everything was so cutely packaged I felt like I was opening a present. So one day, I'm going to make these
...don't bother looking at my knitting list cause they aren't there. I need to make an addendum to that thing....