Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Elann Elation

I got my package from Elann yesterday. It was my first time ordering from them and I am very pleased. Now I’m ready to get started on warm weather projects….after I’m done with my winter projects of course :)

Here is what I have in mind for the new additions to the stash. Starting from the top and going clockwise:
The Peruvian Collection Quechua in Parfait Pink will become the wrap cardigan by Suss.
The burnt orange and basil Austermann Ciao will become the Rowan Carla and Rowan Sheena respectively.
The yellow Hand Work Cora, that I keep calling the Hard Work Cora, will become a cardigan designed by Cosmic Pluto.
The Endless Summer Collection Luna in coppered sienna will become the Picovoli Tee by Mag Knits.
And the Luna in silver sage will become the Somewhat Cowl by Knit and Tonic…this yarn is very yummy, btw
So see, I do have a plan when I make my yarn purchases. Now if I keep to that plan is a different story.
So where am I on the projects I listed before? Let’s see, the U of C scarf got ripped and I’m making the present for the knitted gift exchange with it. The Suri Dream is patiently waiting for the torch lighting of the Olympics. The black shrug is halfway done. I started Wolfen’s dog sweater but had to figure out how to size it up cause apparently he’s an XL…he doesn’t LOOK like an XL. The laptop bag and fingerless gloves will have to wait until after the Olympics are over. I’m halfway through the 2nd sleeve of my turtleneck shrug which has been a pain in my arse even though it’s not a tough knit…I’m just making it difficult for some reason. I’ve spent more time on this project than I did the hourglass sweater…what’s up with that?