Monday, January 23, 2006

I have an illness!

And it’s called YARN! I recently got enough yarn for 5 projects from Knitpicks…look at the end of the December posts and you will see what I have planned. Now, I haven’t started any of those projects to date, cause somehow I keep finding other things to make with stuff I already have in the stash. So, can someone please tell me why I have already put together a list for for another 7 projects???? A couple of them are lace projects to boot!! WHY??? Why can’t I understand that I will NEVER have the time to do all of these projects?? Not even if I moved into my own place and left the dog with Christian and sat holed up in a teeny studio on the UES day after day would I get through all the projects in my head. Will I ever get over this affliction?? Should I seek professional help? Aaaggghhhhhhhh!!