Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Done With Christmas Knitting!!!

Hooray!! Here is the Scarfstyle Blizzard wrap by Leigh Radford. I made it from Knitpicks Decadence. It will definitely keep Christian's mom toasty during the cold Chicago winter. I want to make one for myself...but that's how I feel about everything I make for other people and that's just not possible.

So, what will I do with myself now that gifts are done? Well, here is what I have on queue (on top of the WIPs already listed):
University of Chicago scarf & hat
Irish Hiking scarf/hat/mittens
Dog sweater :)
Lacey shrug from Knitty
Another shrug designed by Heather
Fingerless Gloves
Essential Indulgence sweater from Fall IK 2005
Laptop bag from Fall IK 2005
This should keep my busy, eh?