Sunday, October 02, 2005

Knit Out in Union Square

I went to the Knit Out for the first time. It was a little overwhelming, well maybe just over at the Clover booth where they were giving away bamboo needles and the women were all but scratching and biting to get up to the table. At least the weather was lovely and I enjoyed lunch with the girls afterwards. Then a few of us broke off and went on a mini yarn crawl. We walked over to Knit New York but it was extremely crowded so we left. We headed over to Purl Soho and after Jill placed an order for some Alchemy yarn, we headed down to Seaport Yarns. But they were closed and we were stuck for a few minutes in the dark hallway when the elevator doors closed behind us. It was kind of funny actually because we weren't prepared to be in complete darkness. We decided after that to head over to the Seaport and have a drink to cap off the day.